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What are web server redirects?

Web server redirects are used to send the visitor (customer) from the website through to the correct page. This means a redirect can be used to divert to a maintenance page. Or if the visitor isn't logged in, the visitor's browser can be redirected to the login page.

A web server redirect is a HTTP header. A HTTP header is a code that the server sends to the browser of the online visitor. A HTTP header usually consists of 2 parts, the HTTP code and the subsequent path. For a webserver redirect, the code usually consists of a HTTP 301 (Moved Permanently) or a HTTP 2 (Moved Temporarily). This code tells the visitor whether the redirect is temporary or permanent. This is particularly important for bots or robots, which automatically visit the website. In general, a permanent redirect (HTTP 301) is recommended to allow the robot to update the new address in its local administration.

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